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The NHS is supporting the build of a new £8 million Health and Wellbeing Centre on the Brunswick Street site in the heart of Teignmouth. This will house the town’s largest GP practices alongside other health and care services. By working in partnership and bringing together our resources and facilities, we will be able to provide care that is resilient and sustainable, in buildings that are fit for purpose - both now and in the foreseeable future. The new facility will be delivered by the Strategic Estates Partnership between the Trust, Morgan Sindall Investments and Arcadis.

Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust

On this site you can find out more about our plans for the design of the new centre.

Our public consultation exercise has now closed. We are no longer accepting any comments or questionnaires. Thank you to everyone who has participated so far. We will be submitting a planning application to Teignbridge DC in the coming weeks.

A new way of delivering Health and Social care

We believe the best way to help people stay well and support them when they need expert health and care is to bring services together and integrate them around the needs of individuals.

We can’t do this in the current fragmented and outdated premises.

Our shared plans, as approved by NHS England, include:

  • Creating a vibrant new Health and Wellbeing Centre on the Brunswick Street site. This will accommodate:
  • The largest Teignmouth GP practices - Channel View Medical Group (formerly Channel View Medical Practice and Teignmouth Medical Group).
  • A range of other services including the health and wellbeing team of community nurses and therapists, and lifestyles and prevention services voluntary sector services including Volunteering in Health to help connect people to wider services and activities to support their physical health, mental health, social care and wellbeing.
  • Supporting sustainable GP services, working together with partners to bring services closer to people’s homes, improving communications between services, enhancing ‘joined up’ working and training our future workforce.
  • Offering people rehabilitation care in their own homes or in a short-term care home placement. Local people will be able to access GP, outpatient and some other services from the new centre. Other specialist services, such as minor day surgery and consultant-led appointments are provided within the Coastal locality. Further information about our vision of health and care on the Torbay and South Devon NHS website.

A History of firsts: Health Services in Teignmouth

Teignmouth Hospital was opened in 1954 and was the first general hospital in the country to be built after the formation of the NHS. As would be expected of a building designed nearly 70 years ago, and despite some improvement, it is approaching the end of its economic life - particularly the electrics, ventilation systems, pipework, heating systems. It also has drainage problems and its access does not comply with current legislation (Disability Discrimination Act).

The hospital is not designed for the flexible and integrated health and care services required today.

All this, together with access issues, being at the top of a steep hill with poor transport links, has meant a search for a more suitable site for a new building.

The successful introduction of the innovative integrated care model in the Coastal area in 2015/2016 was a national first. This involved focussing on what is important to people and we made significant investment in community services, including in the professionals in health and wellbeing teams, to deliver care closer to home.

The success of this integrated care model with care delivered at home and in the local community is evidenced in a reduction in the need for hospital admissions, particularly for older people.

Public involvement in our plans

  • First consulted on the new model of care in 2014/15
  • Engaged people about the location for a new centre in 2018. Brunswick Street was the preferred site
  • Engaged with a group of Teignmouth stakeholders throughout
  • Consulted with the public on the further integration of services in 2020
  • Now engaging on the design of the building as part of the process to secure planning permission of the site

Benefits to the population of Teignmouth

  • The purpose-designed centre will create the right space to meet broad overall health and wellbeing needs of the local community
  • Coming together in one building will support closer working relationships and co-ordination, benefiting patients, their carers and families as well as staff
  • GP practices will have the space to recruit and train more staff and continue to deliver high quality. The centre will be light and airy, designed to modern day building standards and easy to access including for those with a disability
  • The building is centrally located and very flexible in terms of people being able to move around the building with numerous entrances and exits. This is vastly improved standard of accommodation to the existing GP practices and aged Teignmouth Hospital
  • The development on Brunswick Street makes good use of a brownfield town centre site with good access to public transport and existing car parks
  • There is economic potential for Teignmouth town centre with the co-location of town centre shops and amenities to the health and wellbeing centre
  • The development is a significant part of investment in and the re-generation of Teignmouth Town Centre and currently derelict area of Brunswick Street Improvements to George St pedestrian access have been incorporated into the design of the new building

The Site

Brunswick Street is a designated development area as part of the ‘regeneration’ of Teignmouth town centre, and the health and wellbeing centre will sit alongside a new hotel development which has recently received planning permission for the other part of the Brunswick Street site. Brunswick Street is in the Teignmouth Conservation area consequently the design of the building is subject to heritage requirements in keeping with the rest of the area.

The Brunswick Street Site

The existing site has very recently been the subject of extensive demolition works and is therefore largely cleared of buildings. However, the former uses of buildings include the former Swanson Workshop buildings and Beenie Building (former livery stable) towards the northern and central end together with a small area of public realm/sitting space at the corner of Brunswick Street and George Street. At the southern end is a public convenience and at the north-western corner fronting Northumberland Place are two poorly kept commercial units, located within the Conservation Area.

The site is located at the western end of the town centre and is recognised as a thoroughfare from the traditional resort town area and the west beach, being only a short distance from the site. The area at Brunswick Street/Northumberland Place is therefore well placed to improve connectivity in the town and enhance the streetscape for residents and visitors.

The Brunswick Street Site

The Brunswick Street Site

Our public consultation exercise has now closed. We are no longer accepting any comments or questionnaires. Thank you to everyone who has participated so far. We will be submitting a planning application to Teignbridge DC in the coming weeks.

Proposed Scheme

Design Challenges

There are a number of challenges that the team, led by KTA architects, have had to deal with in coming up with the design. An independent panel of experts have reviewed the design, so we can be absolutely sure that it meets with the Council’s challenging heritage requirements for the site and is the best it can be within the constraints of the the site.

Some of the challenges influencing the design are:

  • The development site is on a flood plain. This has necessitated a raised ground floor level.
  • As the site is in a conservation area, the design (particularly the exterior) has to meet with the exacting approval of heritage consultants and fit sensitively in with the surrounding buildings.
  • The site is quite constrained which has limited the number of car parking spaces on site. We have agreed with the council that two adjacent on road parking spaces can be allocated to the centre in addition to the five on-call spaces. Public parking is also located nearby.
  • Getting all the services on to the one site is an absolute necessity, due to the benefits of the integrated model. This has created a significant challenge due to the size of the building needed on a restricted triangular site.
  • Although most of the building has now been demolished, we have had to divert a public right of way and a culvert running across the site, and make safe underground fuel tanks.
  • Ensuring the building design does not impact negatively on neighbours has been important given its size. ‘Neighbourliness’ and dealing sensitively with the party wall issues has been an important element of the design as it has evolved.

Evolution of the design: Outside


The design includes a small number of car parking spaces for immediate/emergency access and bicycle parking facilities. The main public parking is provided in the George Street car park.


Elevations: The design of the new Health and Wellbeing Centre to the Northumberland Place and George Street elevations has been carefully scrutinised by the design team and the Teignbridge Conservation Officer to ensure the scale, design and use of materials supports the sensitive historic landscape. Additionally, the Brunswick Street elevation will provide an active frontage to this busy pedestrian thoroughfare.

Evolution of the design: Inside


The design is based on each floor being self-contained with reception seating and easy access to treatment/clinic rooms. The flexible space and multiple entrances and exits ensures that the building is adaptable and can meet the needs of social distancing.

The layout has been formulated on the advice of clinical experts (audiologists, physiotherapists, district nurses as well as GPs, Community Clinicians, Health Visitors, social care teams). The design standards (number and size of various rooms) conforms to the industry-standard best-practice guidance, the Health Technical Memoranda. The layout and floor-to-ceiling heights in particular, follow national best practice for the sizing and zoning of facilities to ensure efficient, flexible and user-friendly spaces.


In building terms the building is classed as ‘BREEAM Very good’ which means it meets the national requirements for sustainability, this includes light, acoustics and energy.

  • All lighting is LED and daylight sensors
  • Utilising Air Source Heat Pumps, where possible
  • Roof garden
  • Solar PV on the upper roof
  • Heat recovery efficiencies of around 80% - reducing the heating load significantly
  • Waste management to divert waste from landfill
  • Considerate Contractor scheme - protecting local biodiversity, reducing carbon footprint and seeking sustainable solutions
  • EV charging point for an electric car, but promotes use of public transport and cycling (stands to be provided)
  • Proposed cladding will be manufactured from recycled materials
  • Zoned and thermostatically controlled heating and cooling - minimise redundancy

Site Analysis & Plans

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Have your say: Live webinar event

This event took place on Thursday 14th January. You can watch a recording of the event here.